This is a personal compendium of websites related to Fiji and Fijian culture that I have found useful. The focus is primarily anthropological, social and historical, relating to the culture and society of Fiji, and to those services and resources that may be of use to researchers.

Note:  This list does not normally include commercial sites or business addresses, unless I have found them useful to my research, so please do not request listing here. Other personal and/or informational sites are normally listed by reciprocal arrangement - contact me.

Managed and updated 11th January 2017




Isa Lei (Fijian Farewell song) sung by students of Adi Cakobau School

Isa Lei (Fijian Farewell song) (Fijian words)

A new flag for Fiji

A look at Fiji History and Culture

Canoes: Fijian Voyaging Canoes (nice little personal site by Wayne Sanday)

Deed of Cession of Fiji to Great Britain of Cession.html

Diary of a Peace Corps volunteer beekeeper in Ra, Fiji

English to Fijian & Fijian to English Translation services (This is a commercial site that charges for its services. I have never used it and cannot vouch for it but I do not know of any comparable site for non-Fijian speakers to access, hence its inclusion here).

Ethnologue Language Database: Fiji

Fijian art research project (Sainsbury Research Centre and CUMAA)

Fijian barkcloth (masi)

Fijian culture and tradition  (Government site)

Fijian language as fun I would recommend Prof. Paul Geraghty's engaging and surprisingly thorough little book "Say Bula!" which could be bought from Tappoo stores in Fiji, direct or by emailing

Fijian language learn online This is included here not for its quality but because I have not found any other online program. The blogger warns that he has no training as either a teacher or a linguist, not a very promising introduction.

Fijian-English Online Dictionary Free download

Fijian-English wordlist (NOTE: This list of words has no explanation of the peculiar Fijian spelling system or pronunciation - use with caution) Before logging in to this, it would be advisable to check on spelling and pronunciation at

Fiji Girmit (informative site celebrating 125 years since first indentured labour arrived from India)

Fiji iTaukei Lands Trust Board

Fiji Museum (the Museum seems to have closed its own site. It does maintain a FaceBook page) :

Fiji Myths and Oral Traditions (UNESCO Bibliography)

Fiji School of Medicine celebrating 125 years

Fiji's chiefs and rulers: 1700s to present

Fiji's Heads of State 1871-present

Fiji's rulers from c.1800

Fiji's treasured culture (many images from the collections of Museum Victoria and the Fiji Museum)

Namena Marine Reserve and Waitabu Marine Park and

Nature Fiji (Mareqeti) Newsletters)

PAMBU (Pacific Media Bureau) Recordings of interviews with Fiji notables (Index only, not downloadable, ordering info. on list)

Pacific Health Voices (electronic health journal at the Fiji School of Medicine)

RFMF (Royal Fiji Military Forces) Website

Safari the Globe Cultural Information: Fiji (sections on culture & identity, history etc.)

Semiotic Review (of Books)

South Australian Museum Fiji Collection, Database illustrated & annotated by Rod Ewins

University of the South Pacific Book Centre


Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau

ELDIS Fiji Trade and Finance (full-text articles)

MBendi Information Services Fiji summary

Shopify Business Encyclopaedia

UNICEF Social Indicators

US Department of State. Country commercial guide: Fiji


Splash Fiji (free recruitment and jobseekers' website exclusive to the Fijian market)


Constitution of Fiji:  Full text Articles on the seventeen chapters:

Coups, conflict & confusion: the abrogation of the Constitution and the arrogation of land in Fiji  

Ethnicity & Development: The Case of Fiji [Ralph Premdas 1993]

Fiji Military History and Institutions

Fiji Political Parties: Most if not all of the political parties allowed their websites to lapse following the 2001 elections. However, there is information on the parties at several sites, including and

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre

Mission of the Fiji Islands to the United Nations

Pacific Islands Report: past analysis 2004-2015. PIDP, Honolulu.

Report to the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women  and

Republic of Fiji (by Michael R. Ogden)

SCHEMA-ROOT Encyclopedia of Current Events (cross-referenced news and research resource on Fiji)

US State Department Report on Human Rights in Fiji in 2007 (released 12th March 2008)


About Fiji (Fiji Government portal)

Asian Development Bank Fiji publications

BBC Country Profile: Fiji

Chiefs and Governors of Fiji before and after Cession, including the  major pre-colonial vanua and confederacies:

CIA Factbook entry on Fiji:

Crested Iguana of Fiji (on list of threatened species)

Earthquake watch

eFijian Community newsletter, info, chatrooms, links

ELDIS Fiji country profile (full-text articles on Fiji - health, education, trade etc etc)

FAO Fiji Nutrition Profile

Fiji Amnesty International Report

Fiji Embassies Page (information about Fijian embassies worldwide, visa requirements & application forms etc.)

Fiji Government Online Portal

Fiji Government Decrees

Fiji Government Policies and Information

Fiji Issues and Events of 2002 (Mausio)

Fiji e-Directory List of organisations and businesses

Fiji Facts/Maps index

Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau

Fiji Law Reform Commission

Fiji Law Society (President,: Dorsami Naidu)

Fiji Meterological Service and Cyclone Centre

Fiji Mineral Resources Department (a) Earthquake info: (b) Tsunami info:

Fiji Photos and Clip-art (subscription site, royalty-free)

Fiji Government Online

Fiji Parliament

Fiji People's Coalition Website

Fiji visa requirements & visa application forms etc.

Fiji Webcenter (useful links page)

HelloFiji search engine

Historic Levuka

Jane Resture's Fiji Homepage

Jurisdictions Index for Fiji (Dan MacMeekin: legal documents etc.)

OECD Indicators

Reserve Bank of Fiji

Rotuma Website

Royal Hotel Levuka (history)

South Pacific Organizer on Fiji

TePuna NZ Web Directory of Fiji&Rotuma

UN Earthwatch statistics Fiji (land/sea areas, list of islands, demography, economics etc.)

UNESCO/UNFPA Population and Environment Project in the Eastern Islands of Fiji, Man and the Biosphere Programme, 1974-1976

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, Fiji (Update mar 8th 2008)


Downloadable Fiji Map, Rod Ewins (May be used, re-published, modified etc. subject to retention of © 2000 Rod Ewins label)

Downloadable Fiji Map, ANU (Free Creative Commons use)

Fiji maps from the Dept of Lands & Surveys

Fiji pictures  (commercial tourist site, but some nice photos in a number of categories

Detailed map of Fiji (Government site - has enlargable section maps)

Lonely Planet Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji (Government site - map is small but accurate, Rotuma inset)

Mapquest Fiji Map (map is small but accurate, Rotuma inset)

National Library of Australia - Fiji maps (over 200 area maps)

Omni Resources map

Rotuma maps



Cafe Pacific (blog by David Robie — fair and balanced in my view)

Fiji Daily Post


Fiji News (excellent site with links to current news headlines from a variety of sources)

Fiji Sun Online News

Fiji Times Online

"Fiji the way it was, is and can be" (Crosbie Walsh blog — fair and balanced, in my view)

Fiji Village

Fijian Studies: A Journal of Contemporary Fiji

Island Press's Eco-compass

Pacific People'sPartnership

The Fiji Village Online (good site, distils stuff from all over the world)

Wansolwara Online (University of the South Pacific journalism training website)

BOOKS & PAPERS ONLINE (click on title)

Anthony Trollope on Fiji

A time bomb lies buried: Fiji’s road to Independence, 1960-1970 Brij V. Lal

Fiji and the Fijians by George C. Henderson 1931

Fiji, Memory Hold the Door by Betty Freeman 1990 [Autobiography of life in Fiji in the first half of the 20th Century].

Fijian Society By Rev. W. Deane 1921

From election to coup in Fiji Ed. Jon Fraenkel & Stewart Firth

Life in Feejee, or, Five years among the cannibals. By a lady. 1851. Wallis, Mary Davis (née Cook)

Mark Twain in Fiji

Specimens of native paper from Tongo (sic) and Fiji, sent home by John Hunt [in fact 10 of the 12 specimens are of Fiji masi, and the other two probably Tonga-style gatu vakatoga made in Fiji]. 1847. Rev. John Hunt.

The Fijians Basil H. Thomson, 1908.

The natives of Rotuma. By J. Stanley Gardiner, B.A. 1898. Journal  of the Royal Anthropological Institute 27:396-435, 457-524

The 2006 military takeover in Fiji 2009 Ed. Jon Fraenkel, Stewart Firth & Brij V. Lal

The Rotuma Website: Transnational Relations and the Articulation of Cultural Identityby Caroline Clark. 2005. MA thesis, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

The Whale Tooth Jack London's fictionalised story of the killing of missionary Thomas Baker (called John Starhurst in this story ) in 1864 in Colo, Fiji.

AND MANY FREE FULL-TEXT ONLINE BOOKS from Australian National University's ANU Press:



Fiji White Pages

Fiji Yellow Pages

Medical publications list (over 900 entries on Fiji)

University of the South Pacific

University Book Centre (University of the South Pacific, Fiji)

FREE FULL-TEXT ONLINE BOOKS from Australian National University's ANU Press:


FIJI BLOGS (Just a few. I do NOT list the many out there with blatant political agendas)

Babasiga (interesting and diverse personal blog run by a couple who now live in Melbourne)

Blog in Fiji (personal blog covering news, views and the quirky personal sense of humour of the blogger)

Bula Fiji Project Team To use this you must have a Facebook account)

Café Pacific (Pacific news media and politics commentary and analysis by journalist and ex-USP academic David Robie)

Colour me Fiji (wide-ranging art-concerned blog by Auckland-based artist and curator Ema Tavola—see also "Pimpiknows" below)

Croz Walsh's Blog -- Fiji: The Way it Was, Is and Can Be (reputable balanced political analysis blog by ex-USP academic)

Na noda vanua o Viti (old pictures and links)

Pimpiknows (Pacific Island Management Production + Ideas—blog run out of Auckland by Ema Tavola, who also runs "Colour me Fiji")



Community Websites Worldwide (a place to list your community website)

Auckland Fiji Community (Auckland N.Z. Fiji Community activities, news, events etc.) (website of Fiji Australia Community Development Inc.)

Canterbury Fiji Community Incorprated

Fiji Friends (NZ-based website))

Fiji land of our fathers (recording the lives of descendants of European settlers, including Kailoma families)

Fiji Tuwawa (very useful NZ website made by Fijians for Fijians,: history, culture, contacts, links etc.)

Fiji Village (news, announcements, community information, business and shopping directory and radio stations)

Gold Coast Fijian & Friend Association Inc

Indo-Fijians Worldwide (Fijians of Indian descent, community Facebook page)

Matavuvale (only if you are deeply religious!)

Voice of Melanesia Community Website

My Fiji Friends

Tautai Guiding Pacific Arts (NZ)


Air flights within Fiji

Airlines that fly to and from Fiji

Fiji travel guide (by David Stanley, author of Moon Fiji guidebook)

Fiji Eco-Tourism

Fiji for First Timers (from Lonely Planet) : (from Rob Kay's Fiji Guide)

Fiji Islands holiday packages 2015 (From TourismFiji)

Fiji Department of Immigration (includes forms etc. For Visas see below)

Fiji Hotels and Tours (booking site, including eco-tourism sites, and advice)

Fiji Travel (formerly Fiji Visitors Bureau)

Fiji Travel Advice for Australians

Fiji Travel Guide from Travel Online

Fiji Travel Videos (from National Geographic)

Fiji Visa Information

Hotels & Travel in Fiji

Levuka Historic Royal Hotel (I highly recommend Levuka as a tourist destination)

Levuka — History See also

Rob Kay's Fiji Guide

South Pacific Tourism Organisation: Fiji (includes useful accommodation guide indexed by locale and quality from luxury to budget)

Taveuni : Taveuni adventures


World Travel Guide: Fiji


Books, Dissertations, Papers and Theses relating to Rotuma:

Island legacy: a history of the Rotuman people by Alan Howard and Jan Rensel — Free download

Kato'aga: Rotuman Ceremonies, by Elizabeth Inia Suva, Fiji: Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific (2001) Download

Noa'ia 'e Mauri Rotuma Home Page

Online Bibliography of Rotuma

Rotuma archaeology

Rotuma archive

Rotuma: Aspects of history

Rotuma history

Rotuma Website

Rotuman Language, by Marit Vamarasi (2002) Free download

Transnational Relations and the Articulation of Cultural Identity by Caroline Clark. 2005. MA thesis, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Please contact me with suggestions, updates, or corrections.